AROMA Tracer Detection Commercialized Product

MAST has a worldwide exclusive license agreement for the oil and gas tracer detection field of use of the underlying Entanglement Technologies Inc. (“Entanglement”) patented technology.

Entanglement has integrated their core technology into the MAST product that combines next generation broadly-tunable cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) with unique surface-interaction dependent separation techniques to apply the extraordinary sensitivity of CRDS to entirely new classes of complex chemical analysis. This product allows companies performing tracer detection studies in producing oil fields to install the AROMA platform either directly on the oil well production piping, allowing for continuous tracer sampling, or alternatively, in a project trailer at the producing site, where one AROMA platform could support multiple wells participating in the tracer test. In either configuration, the MAST product eliminates the dangers to employees performing the manual sampling, reducing errors in sample quality and eliminates completely the long-time delays and costs of shipping manual collected around the world back to corporate labs for chemical analysis.

Download AROMA Tracer DATA SHEET


Nanoparticle Detection Solutions

Enhanced Oil/Gas Recovery using MAST Nanoparticles

Using our expertise in magnetic sensors developed over the past ten years, MAST has developed techniques to detect magnetic nanoparticles in fully opaque process streams.  This technology has multiple applications in the oil industry, including chemical flooding approaches currently used to enhance oil and gas recovery at existing production wells.

  • Nanoscale Fracking Sensors
    Nanotechnology Sensors that Measure locations of Hydraulic Fractures
    Fracking technology has shown great promise in improving the yields from oil fields and existing wells, but has come under fire recently due to potential environmental concerns. Using MAST technology, the locations of hydraulic fractures can be mapped and precautions taken to avoid impacts with existing water tables.

  • Magnetic Nanoparticle Detection Solutions

    Magnetic Nanoparticle Detection Platform

    MAST, working with a leader in the oil industry has developed an instrument that detects breakthrough water in production oil wells via magnetic and optical sensor techniques. Our design demonstrates detection resolution to 1 part per billion and will be field deployed in late 2015.

Structural Integrity Sensors

MAST’s “unobvious innovation” mantra has led to the development of unique MEMs sensor solutions for the construction, oil and power utility markets. Devices to remotely monitor and detect micro-fractures in cement, or corrosion of pipes, even when sealed or covered with insulation, started with a conversation. Customers give us their hardest problems and our engineers and scientists don’t know how to say no.

  • Corrosion Detection Solutions
    MAST is working with a client in the oil industry on detecting corrosion on pipelines under the insulation.  Currently, detecting and repairing corroded sections of a pipeline is a time consuming and expensive process. MAST has developed a system using a pervasive deployment of permanent wireless MEMS corrosion sensors attached to pipes under the insulation and communicating to base stations positioned along the pipeline.  Sensor messages are routed  to the client command center where they are monitored.

  • Cement Integrity Sensor Solutions
    Down Hole Cement Integrity Sensor System
    MAST is currently in trials with a major oil company to develop a remote monitoring system to assess the structural integrity of the cement that surrounds the steel casing of the bore hole in offshore wells.  Recent events in the Gulf have increased the urgency to find a solution to this long-standing industry problem.  Significant challenges from the extremely high pressures and temperatures of the down hole environment are being met with unique MEMS sensors and advanced packaging techniques.

  • Power Line Monitoring
    In the national electrical grid, sagging power lines can be a major cause of outages across the country.  Sagging power lines can cause a short behind the transformer due to changes in wind speed and direction.  Working with a respected utility company client, MAST has developed the EAGLE (TM) power line sensor – a magnetic current monitor with power scavenging that includes acoustic sensors to measure line height and wind velocity, and an accelerometer for line motion to provide continuous real time measurements to the Operations Center and early detection of potential power line sag induced failures.  The EAGLE (TM) line montior also includes sensors to measure line current, voltage and temperature for operations.

Line Interwell Tracer Platform


  • Line Interwell Tracer Platform
    MAST Inc., with our partner Entanglement Technologies, has developed a real time interwell detection platform designed to be mounted directly to oil wells in the field. Designed to take an oil sample as it originates from the well, separate the hydrocarbons and vaporize the sample, the detection platform is capable of detecting multiple tracers at one time down to detection levels approaching 300 pptv.  This game changing technology changes the whole approach to interwell tracer studies, eliminating the manual sampling and all the inefficiencies associated with sending samples around the world to centralized lab facilities.

Oil Well Sensor Solutions

Sensor Systems for Detecting Wear Contaminants in Lubricating Fluids

Our experience with high resolution detection of particulates in oil and other fluids has naturally led to sensor solutions for adjacent markets.  In the Automotive market, particulate contamination due to engine wear or substandard lubricating fluids can have significant warranty cost impacts and early detection of oil contaminants can lead to longer engine life.  In the power distribution market, where electrical transformer failures due to insulating oil breakdown can have extremely high costs in repair and customer safety, sensors that detect partial discharges in the transformer can provide the power company with an early warning of potential transformer failures allowing for early corrective action before a failure occurs.

  • Microfluidic Cell Front-end


  • MEMS Sensor System for Real Time Wear Analysis
    MAST has developed a minitiarized Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) device based on our fluorescent nanoparticle detection technology and our MEMS capabilities. Using LIBS, our device can identify the elemental composition of contaminants in a lubricating fluid, allowing for more rapid isolation of the device wear characteristics enabling faster corrective actions.

  • Integrated Oil Pan Plug Analysis System
    MAST, working with a leading automotive company, has developed a “lab on a chip” sensor system that simultaneously provides accurate measurements of the oil level, as well as particulate analysis of any contaminants in the oil pan.  The system transmits the resulting data wirelessly through the standardized Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) network for processing and trouble indication.

  • Power Transformer Oil Degradation Sensor
    MAST, again working with a leadering US power utility, has developed a wireless sensor system that measures partial discharges within electrical transformers – a key indicator of impending transformer failure.  MAST developed the sensor system, which transmits the information to the utility’s Operations Center where expert system software developed by MAST analyzes the sensor data and suggests corrective actions, heading off potential power outages.

Energy Storage Solutions

  • Energy Storage Solutions
    MAST, working together with an innovative energy storage company and a leading US utility, is providing sensor technology as well as overall system and product integration management for the practical realization of a radical new energy storage system. The system will enable lower costs than building new power generating plants, using many off-the-shelf components, with proven reliability and lifetime.