MASTInc’s innovative HCS technology has application across a broad industry base – both as an improvement over current technologies and as a genesis of next-generation solutions. MASTInc’s combination of superior sensitivity, robust structure, cost effectiveness and small size enables a wide variety of applications within each industry sector, both unique and overlapping.

In addition, recognizing that each industrial sector has unique commercial and technical requirements, MASTInc has developed a flexible business model that optimizes the application of HCS technology within each industry and even down to the application level.

Among the many applications currently being explored by MASTInc and its partners:
• Radiation-hardened, environmentally robust solutions for Defense
• Cost effective solutions for consumer-oriented devices
• Highly sensitive solutions for life science and natural resource applications
• High temperature applications for the automotive industry


Oil & Gas Industry

MAST’s expertise in nanoparticle design and detection piqued the interest of two leading companies in the oil industry and has resulted in a long term development relationship on a number of industry issues.  Fracking has brought new growth, but also new challenges to oil exploration.  Concerns about the environmental impacts of fracking led our clients to work with us to develop particle detection instruments that both enhance the recovery of fossil fuels from existing wells, and also provide a method for insuring the purity of water in nearby water tables. MAST has also developed new minimally-invasive techniques for corrosion detection and monitoring within plants and pipelines, reducing the chance for spills and the costs of regular maintenance.


Automotive Industry

Gearbox and clutch cross-section.

MAST, Inc’s robust MEMS technology is the foundation for numerous advanced solutions for the automotive industry, including detection and monitoring of engine oil and fluid impurities to prolong engine life, reduce maintenance costs and optimize performance.
In addition to traditional automotive applications (rotational and position sensing), our sensor technologies can be embedded within the engine to provide “real time” and continuous fluid analysis, including flow, temperature, pressure, and contaminant levels. MAST’s patented MEMs solution for real time measurement of wear materials in lubricating fluids also has broad application in marine, industrial, and alternative power sources – anywhere the quality of the lubricating fluid is critical to continuing operation of equipment.


Power Generation and Distribution

Technologies and solutions developed by MAST for the oil industry have been recently applied to challenges in the power utility industry. MAST has developed a patented technology that allows for MEMS sensors to float inside power transformers and reliably detect the magnitude and location of partial discharges. Partial discharges, if left unchecked, result in potentially dangerous levels of explosive gases that can result in transformer fires.  Our technology alerts operations and proactively suggest actions to prevent the loss of the transformer.


MAST has also developed a cost effective power line monitoring sensor platform that provides situational awareness along distribution feeders enabling utilities to operate and respond to potential problems based on prevailing conditions.  Additionally, MAST has partnered with Bright Energy Technologies to deploy innovative and low cost storage solutions to the utilities industry.