July 27, 2015
Tech Giants Circling – Stockhouse Interview
Stockhouse Q&A interview with Joseph Fuda, President and CEO of Micromem Technologies
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May 11, 2015
Below is a link to a recent article based on an interview with Micromem Inc. CEO (Joseph Fuda) and Proactive Investors. The article contains detailed information on Micromem’s sensor technology and projects with Fortune 500 clients.



May 5, 2015
CEO Clips, a series which profiles the most innovative publicly traded companies in North America, will feature Micromem on The Documentary Channel beginning May 11th to 24th, Monday through Friday, throughout the day and evenings.



May 1, 2015
Interview by the Wallstreet Analyzer with our CEO, Joe Fuda:




April 2, 2015
Micromem Inc is to be featured on CEO Clips airing on BNN:

CEO Clips, profiles some of the most innovative publicly traded companies in North America and will feature a :15 to :30 second clip about Micromem Inc on BNN beginning April 6, 2015. Your clip can also be viewed online via this link: http://www.b-tv.com/micromem-technologies-commercial/.

About BNN:
Business News Network (BNN) is Canada’s only all business specialty channel with real time coverage of global market activity from a Canadian perspective.



March 17, 2015
BTV episode featuring Micromem. “Today all the small things are connected from smart phones to smart fridges. Micromem is setting out to connect big infrastructure with impressive Fortune 100 clients.”



February 9, 2015
The Wall Street Analyzer Interview featuring Micromem’s President and CEO, Joseph Fuda.



Oct 15, 2013
Dan Amadori, Chief Financial Officer of Micromem Technologies takes the stage to discuss the company’s magnetic sensor application technology. The company leads the world with viable sensor applications. The technology has a combination of superior sensitivity, robust structure, cost effectiveness and small size enabling a wide variety of applications within each industry sector.